About Us

Cistron Medical Academy is a bouquet of lecturers whose essence and fragrance helped many medical aspirants to conquer their dreams in becoming doctors.

Cistron Medical Academy was established during the time when most the organisations were selling everything on the name of NEET except what is required to Crack this competitive exam.
During the middle of last decade (2015) when NEET took over all regional and national Entrances to get into medical stream. It required a transformation in lecturers’ community to take up the challenge in every state to prepare the students according to NEET Norms.

During this transformation only few flourished to take up this job, because of this there is a severe scarcity of good faculties to train NEET aspirants.
It was the time when Cistron Team Up with like-minded experienced faculties to fill the gap.
Next, we gear up for a big challenge to prove ourselves in the students and parents’ community, which was flooded with many institutes who were shadowing the education sector with their eye-catching advertisements rather than what is required.
In very short time we won the trust of many students and parents by delivering the services that every parent and student expect from any institute.

Our Key Features are:

"Teacher, not only correct your mistake,’ he corrects your path."

Limited Strength in each Class:

Each section will be limited to 25 students only, so that every student gets equal focus.

Time saving teaching Schedule:

We have designed Smart Teaching Schedule to enhance the performance of students in short duration.

Conceptual Teaching:

Our method of teaching proved to clear all the relevant concepts. It helped them avoid negative marks and elevate marks above 650.

Pressure free learning environment:

We provide breaks and motivating distractions after every class, it helped students to restore their energy before every class.

Weekly Exam with Paper Discussion:

Weekly exam gives a chance to briefly revise the week portion and followed by paper discussion helped students to identify their weak areas.
After paper discussion we evaluate every student’s performance and help them to identify and rectify their mistakes.

Counselling and motivating sessions:

We organise motivating session every alternate day.
We counsel students every week after analysing their performance and lift their confidence by providing customize study plan.

Special focus on slow learners:

We provide extra helping hand to week students.

Grand Tests:

We Conduct series of Grand Test (30+) before final exam that covers all important questions, horned time management skills, avoid negative markings and secure 650+ marks.

Our Faculty

"Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions."